About Us

KYC UAE provides an advanced ecosystem of identity verification solutions that assist businesses in preventing fraud, managing risk, achieving regulatory compliance, and delivering frictionless user experiences. By using sophisticated technologies like machine learning, facial recognition, liveness biometrics, and other state-of-the-art tools, KYC UAE delivers secure and touchless identity verification services that do not require human involvement. This makes their products among the most competitive and cutting-edge in the current market. Additionally, KYC UAE is committed to providing comprehensive and cost-effective global identity verification services, leveraging the expertise of leaders in the data technology industry and connecting with official government data sources to authenticate the identities of individuals and businesses.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), protecting personal data privacy is highly valued, and rigorous identity verification procedures are implemented across various data repositories and channels. These measures are implemented to ensure the utmost safety and reliability of confidential information. Their services are highly accurate and ideal for businesses in numerous sectors, including banking, finance, cryptocurrency, sharing economy, eCommerce, online gaming, and beyond.

About us